Crystal Valley Baptist Church recognizes two biblical offices entrusted to supervise the spiritual and physical welfare of the church, namely Pastors and Deacons.  Leadership, oversight, and direction of the church’s spiritual welfare is entrusted in an equal council of qualified Pastors, or alternatively, “Elders,” who are both elected by and submitted to by the membership.  The church also utilizes the service of a team of qualified Deacons, elected by the membership, to help supervise the physical welfare of the church in order to ensure that the pastors are freed to supervise the spiritual welfare of the church.

As a means to support, and in no way to substitute, the biblical offices of pastor and deacon, Crystal Valley Baptist Church additionally uses certain elected, appointed, and/or hired administrative offices, coordinating and staff positions, committees and teams, and other such supporting roles for the effective operation and care of the church, or to specifically support any ministries formally organized by the church.