One of the clearest windows into the heart of a church is their Core Values.  The following abbreviated list summarizes what matters most to our church:

Above all other things, we value our priority and chief calling as a church to glorify God and to enjoy him forever.

At the hub of our church’s ministry efforts is the weekly proclamation (expositionally) of God’s Word.

The message of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is a matter of first importance in our preaching.

Our church takes seriously “the covenant of membership” by expecting those who join the church to be regenerate, baptized, and Bible-believing Christians who agree to stay accountable to the church’s pastors and fellow members.

Subordinate to the headship of Christ, the government and culture of our church is vested in its membership, while leadership, oversight, and direction of the church’s spiritual welfare is entrusted in an equal council of qualified Pastors, or “Elders.”