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Note: The following library is made up of only select sermons from our pastors and guest speakers.
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  • A Legitimate Gospel Requires a Literal Genesis
    I Corinthians 15:1-22
    “Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures.” What sins? What Scriptures? The foundational source for answering these questions is the book of Genesis. If you discard a literal Genesis you discard a legitimate Gospel.
  • Ending the Journey
    2 Timothy 1:8-12
    For some, the prospect of death is a distant thought. For others, it is a pressing reality. For all, unless the Lord returns soon, it is the fated finish line we must cross before we stand face to face with our Holy Marker and Righteous Judge. How should Christians approach the end of their journey? They should end their journey in the same way they began (and have since proceeded in) it, by persevering faith in Christ and repentance from sin.
  • Investing Wisely
    Matthew 6:19-34
    Jesus gives his disciples the wise investment advice of not wasting their lives (or their money!) by buying into the Ponzi-scheme-like offer of earthy treasures, since all earthly treasures are temporary, but rather to spend our lives and resources in something infinitely more rewarding and infinitely longer lasting. Anticipating the emotional push back of fear and anxiety that will almost predictably surface in our hearts in trying to adopt such a lifestyle, Jesus acknowledges the realities of doubt that we must overcome and offers a practical course for doing so.
  • Jesus and the Disabled Community
    John 5:1-18
    Jesus was intentional to redraw the lines of discriminating social divisions. He often ignored the labels and stereotypes imposed on the disparaged members of his culture, including what is commonly described as the Disabled Community. Instead, he invested in them. The reason he did so, however, was not merely to raise their social standing or their quality of life, but to convey the reality that everyone (including the Disabled) needs grace for their crippled souls.
  • Jesus Tested, Father Approved
    Mark 1:12-13
    There has been no one in all of earth’s history who has not failed to live up to God’s perfect standard—except One. Only Jesus has won the full favor of the Father and passed his test of genuine righteousness. Therefore, it is not to the example of Israel or any of the Bible’s perceived heroes that we are to look to find our hope of salvation, but to Christ.
  • Listening to and Applying God's Word
    James 1:19-25
    What does it take to be a faithful hearer and a faithful doer of God’s Word? If we’re talking about listening to and applying the Word as it’s proclaimed in a sermon, merely sitting in a pew doesn’t cut it. It takes work on the part of the listener before, during, and after the preacher preaches. It takes developing in yourself a healthy responsiveness, humble restraint, and holy resolve to be able to listen. It takes having a gospel-driven perseverance that guards you from a self-deceiving heart that would cause you to doubt, neglect, or forget what God’s Word tells you to do.
  • Sinful Prayers and Prayerful Sinners
    Luke 18:9-14
    How can anyone have a good relationship with God? The answer may surprise you. In this story told by Jesus we see two men with two prayers and two paths to God. Only one goes to his house right with God.
  • The Importance of Daily Devotion in the Course of a Busy Life
    Mark 1:35-45
    If one strives to perform effectively in life and ministry, they must first strive to spend concentrated time with God. Jesus knew this. Faithful men and women from church history knew this. You should know this too.
  • The Organization of Deacons
    Acts 6:1-7
    When the early church ran into one of its first logistical dilemmas, it organized deacons to attend to specific tangible needs. In so doing, they worked to maintain the unity of the body and to provide support for the proclamation of the Word.
  • The Role of Devoted Friendships in the Lives of God's People
    2 Samuel 15:13-15
    When life gets hard, God often provides the help we need through the support of devoted friends. Surrounding ourselves with friends like this, and further committing to become a friend like this to others, is an invaluable part of the Christian life.
  • This Is Not Your Father's State of Massachusetts - Pt. 1
    John 6:1-21
    What is at the center of Christianity? Some say Jesus' main priority was to serve the poor and hungry. Others think his ministry was meant to inspire political change. Still others believe he came to offer divine protection from real-life dangers. The truth is, Jesus came first and foremost to fulfill the Passover. He came to die on the cross.
  • This Is Not Your Father's State of Massachusetts - Pt. 2
    John 6:22-35
    One might think it is always good for people to seek Jesus. However, it is critical to first understand the heart of the seeker. Apart from grace, the seeker is merely pursuing his or her own interests. Many crowds followed Jesus for the selfish reason of seeing signs and miracles. It is a testimony of the Holy Spirit’s work when one is drawn to Jesus and made to be satisfied in him for who he is rather than to come to him with the expectation of feeding personal appetites.
  • What the Early Church Was Known For
    Acts 2:41-47
    The early Church wasn’t known for its socialite atmosphere, recreational programs, or heated debates. It wasn’t known for its music and youth ministries, or the size of its facilitates. Rather, it was marked by a priority to spread the Gospel, a trust in the Holy Spirit, a regenerate life, and a passion to glorify God.
  • Why The Church?
    Acts 2:42-47
    Why is it important for a Christian to join together in regular attendance and involvement with a local church? We could list many reasons, but perhaps the biggest reason is because it is fundamentally God's will that we do. There's no list of alternative options. The Bible clearly teaches not only that God wills that there be the church, but that that through the church his people grow to be like Christ and to glorify Him in their fellowship together.

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